keskiviikko 8. marraskuuta 2017

Coffee break

 Henri Meunier Belgian (1873-1922)  Rajah Coffee, 1900

Henri Meunier was a Belgian Art Nouveau lithographer, etcher, illustrator, bookbinder and poster designer of the Belle Époque.
My art collection. 

Ladies on a coffee break, writing letters and talking on a telephone.

 Travel time 20 days
Distance travelled 14,789 km
 Received 31 May, 2017 

 Sent by Rosie, Australia

Photobaristas / Espresso Bar, 2010

Travel time 119 days
Distance travelled 1,582 km
Received 8 Nov, 2017

Sent by Raymonda, Netherlands. 
This is her second card, the first one didn't arrive.

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