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Å is for Åland

Greetings from Åland
Kastelholm Castle, Sund, Åland, Finland

Kastelholm Castle (Swedish: Kastelholms slott) is a Swedish-built medieval castle located in Sund, Åland, Finland. Along with Hämeenlinna, Olavinlinna in Savonlinna, Raasepori, and Turku, Kastelholm is one of only five surviving Finnish medieval fortresses that are also considered to be architecturally substantial. Built in the 14th century, and held in fief during the Middle Ages by various nobles, feudal chiefs, and kings, it had significant period in the 15th and 16th centuries.
From our daughter

Mariehamn, Åland, Finland
From my friend

Mariehamn (Finnish: Maarianhamina) is the capital of Åland, an autonomous territory under Finnish sovereignty. Mariehamn is the seat of the Government and Parliament of Åland, and 40% of the population of Åland live in the city. Like all of Åland, Mariehamn is unilingually Swedish-speaking and around 88% of the inhabitants speak it as their native language.

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