lauantai 14. huhtikuuta 2018

N is for Navitrolla

travel time 4 days
distance travelled 535 km
sent by Seili in Elva, Estonia

Heiki Trolla ( born 1970 in Võru]), better known by his artist name Navitrolla, is an Estonian painter whose work has been described as naivist or surrealist. Most of his works depict fantastic landscapes and animals. He spent his childhood in the villages of Trolla and Navi near Võru, which is the source of his pseudonym.

 I bought some more Navitrolla cards on my trip to Tallinn.

 "Alone" travelled to Finland for Anne,

" A Story with a Sad End" travelled to Netherlands for Karin.

This Navitrolla went to Russia for Julia. 

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