keskiviikko 25. huhtikuuta 2018

Y is for yarn

Grandma's little helper

travel time 12 days
distance travelled 6,550 km
sent by Roy in Edmonton Canada

Inspiration for creative projects. 

travel time 12 days
distance travelled 1,795 km
sent by Alexandra in Chisinau, Moldova. 

Fanatic Knitter, super handy :)

travel time 8 days
distance travelled 348 km
Sent by Milja Talvikki in Lemi, Finland

Pilsen. Czech Republic
Angels on the Cathedral gate got winter caps.

Severe winter in the middle of January made the citizens of Pilsen care about one of the city’s most popular symbols – the angels on the eastern gate of the St Bartholomew´s Cathedral.  As soon as the Pilsen citizens understood that also the angels are too cold they provided them with hand-knitted caps and mufflers.

travel time 11 days
distance travelled 1,530 km
sent by Eliska in Pilsen

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