keskiviikko 11. heinäkuuta 2018


 Greeting from Leerdam 
Leerdam is a city and municipality in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland.

travel time 3 days
distance travelled 1,509 km
sent by Norbert in Hoom, Netherlands

Bexhill-on-Sea (often simply Bexhill) is a seaside town situated in the county of East Sussex in South East England. 
Direct swap sent by Kate in Bexhill

2 kommenttia:

  1. What wonderful postcards! I would love to see you post these on Postcard Friendship Friday! Wow! ((hugs)) I found you via an old post. It is good to see you are still blogging.

    1. Thank you Beth and nice to see you here! I'm still blogging but little irregularly. I'll link my post later to your blog, after this busy summer/autumn is over :) Have a nice and sunny August!


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