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Astrid Lindgren

Katto Kassinen
"The Kid and Karlson"  1968, 1970
Russian animation, Boris Stepantsev

Boris Stepantsev was one of the best directors of Russian animation of the Soviet era. Everyone in Russia cannot but remember and enjoy his eternal animated cartoon masterpieces about Carlson, Vovka in the Far Far Away Kingdom and the Nutcracker.

From Anna in Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Distance: 3,879 km
Travel time: 12 days

Illustration Ilon Wikland

Vaahteramäen Eemeli
Emil of Lönneberga

Emil of Lönneberga is a series of children's novels by Astrid Lindgren, covering twelve books written from 1963 to 1997. Emil, the title character, is a prankster who lives on a farm in the district of Lönneberga in Småland, Sweden. The books have been published in 44 languages (2014). In most translations, the original illustrations by the Swedish illustrator Björn Berg are used.

Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren (14 November 1907 – 28 January 2002) was a Swedish writer of fiction and screenplays. She is best known for children's book series featuring Pippi Longstocking, Emil i Lönneberga, Karlsson-on-the-Roof, and the Six Bullerby Children (Children of Noisy Village in the US), as well as the children's fantasy novels Mio min Mio, Ronia the Robber's Daughter and The Brothers Lionheart.
As of May 2013, she is the world's 18th most translated author and the third most-translated children's writer after H. C. Andersen and the Grimm brothers. Lindgren has sold roughly 144 million books worldwide.

Peppi Pitkätossu

My first Astrid Lindgren's book was  "Pippi Longstocking" but my favorite book was "The Children of Noisy Village ",  now it belongs to our granddaughter. My husband liked "Karlson-on the roof". I think our daughter's favorite was" Madicken"  and our son thought that Emil is the best.

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